Linda Go is a registered end-of-life death doula trainer, practical mystic and spiritual educator in the shamanic arts and tantra yoga tradition. She is dedicated to sharing her experiential life and death practices in her THRESHOLD Soul Doula Training program for re-awakening ancient wisdom, re-membering our creative abilities for releasing material beliefs and fears to live a freer, more expressive creative life.

Linda was initiated by the late Nahau shaman, Don Lucio de Campo, in the shamanic lineage of graniceras and curanderas. Her clairaudient ability, near and shared death experiences, hospice training and psychopomp dreamwork led her to root her practices  as a certified death doula with Tarron Estes, Conscious Dying Institute. Linda is an accredited Continuing Education provider for Yoga Alliance, where she offers certification trainings in Let Go Somatic Release Method and Yoga for EOL Care  as well as training in her intuitive approach to sound healing restoratives. She is an affiliated Death Doula Trainer – Member with NEDA– National EOL Doula Alliance.

The late author and shaman, Eliot Cowan. Recognizing Linda as a singing shaman during her Plant Spirit Medicine training, Eliot invited her to be his shamanic apprentice in the Huichol tradition of marakames who walk the death doula path.  

Threshold Soul Doula Training Certification Program was created by Linda to offer esoteric practices and ancient wisdom in a new way for the emergence of an authentic life experience before our time here is over. Linda shares her shamanic experiences for students and clients to access their innate ability to tap into their inner wisdom, spiritual re-membering and creative power to live a free and beautiful life.

Linda is an online/in-person educator/facilitator for her Threshold Soul Doula Training Program, University of North Carolina Asheville-OLLI continuing education programs, and Biomancy University. She offers her signature Threshold online certification training for EOL Soul Doulas, intuitive training in the art and science of therapeutic sound healing performance and restoratives, Let Go Somatic Release Methods, Sanskrit 101 and Kirtan Chant Performance. 

As a professional musician, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Linda/Anjali meditation music and Sanskrit chants as well as other recordings can be found on

and SoundCloud › lindagomusic


For Private in person or online trainings and classes contact Linda

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