Monday Morning Meditation with Linda

Weekly Zoom Sessions | Monday Morning Meditations 9am-10am

Sounds of the chakras is a deep sound healing practice. We are a heart centered meditation community utilizing ancient esoteric Tantric guidance for connecting with higher consciousness, accessing wisdom and healing through practices found in esoteric Tantric texts and within the sacred sounds of Sanskrit. This is an ongoing weekly class for all levels of meditators.

Donation Based Offering: $30-50 per month

Include your email address with your donation. Once it is received I will email you a confirmation and link to our Zoom sessions plus an invitation to join our private Bijaksara FB page. Any questions, please contact me at in a separate email.

Your donation is much appreciated and includes:

  • One hour Live Zoom Weekly Meditation Session in Community
  • Bijaksara FB private page link where we have the opportunity to share our personal and practical insights, intuitions and beyond the beyond downloads from our chanting meditation practices together. Here you will be able to review many of the discoveries I have personally made from the ancient sri vidya of the Tantras concerning the chakras and Sanskrit: their esoteric meditation practices, experiences and downloaded recommendations to us! regarding how to use sound and Sanskrit for healing and deepening our connection to Be-ing.
  • Links to recordings of our Zoom sessions 
  • PDF of my 6 Mystical Circles Booklet 
  • Linda Go music audio files of chakra and bijaksaras sounds [or upon request if you haven’t received them yet] to practice on your own and improve your pronunciation.

Personal & Group Classes & Trainings

Sanskrit 101

Introduction to Sanskrit 101 offers an insight into Devanagari and Sanskrit, referred to as the “Mother of all Languages.” Participants will master correct pronunciation, learn to write the Sanskrit alphabet, and delve into the sacred science by exploring Sanskrit’s encoded seed sounds in words and chants. This live class offers tailored guidance, making it ideal for beginners.

$100 per 60 min session

Let Go Somatic Release Methods 

Let Go Somatic Release Methods was adapted and developed for yoga instructors and soul doulas by Linda Go. This trauma and grief somatic release yogic-style practice can be used effectively by anyone—no yoga experience necessary. In a Let Go release session, you will learn how to move, breathe and sound out embedded tensions and stress that are held in the body. Trapped emotions, traumatic memories and experiences weigh our mind, body and spirit down with constricting negative consequences in our life. One on One sessions for clients and practitioner level available.

Let Go Yoga Somatic Release Method Certification is offered in a 10 or 20 hour Continuing Education accredited module for registered Yoga Alliance yoga instructors, yoga practitioners, psychologists, therapists, as well as in Linda’s Threshold Soul Doula Certification Training . To register through Yoga Alliance:

All classes and trainings by appointment only. Please call Linda at 828-776-3786 to register.

Soul Doula Offerings

Online & Live In-Person Classes: 60-90 mins.  $125-150

Dream Journey Meditation

End of Life and Grief Recovery

Sanskrit 101,  Chants and Mantras for Soul Healing

Sound Healing Restorative for EOL

Sri Vidya: Vijnana Bhairava/Spanda Karika Text and Practices 

All classes and trainings by appointment only. Please email me at or

call Linda at 828-776-3786 to register.








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