Let Go Somatic Release Method Module

The Let GO Somatic Release Method, inspired by yoga, is designed for those seeking a life free from persistent tensions and traumatic triggers. This method combines somatic movement, pranayama breath practices, and unique vocalized sounds developed by Linda Go, a registered yoga teacher trainer with Yoga Alliance, shamanic practitioner and certified death doula trainer.

Included in the Threshold Soul Doula Certified Training Program is the Let GO Somatic Release Method, a fundamental module that equips you to guide clients of all ages in self-care, releasing trapped energy to help them lead healthier lives. This training also offers practical assistance for individuals in the dying process. Whether you work in hospice care, yoga instruction, palliative care, doula services, or creative arts, Linda’s Threshold programs provide a comprehensive foundation or a lifelong journey.

Join Linda’s 10-hour Let GO Somatic Release Module to learn about active compassionate listening and practice techniques to release physical, mental, and emotional tension through somatic methods.

Let GO Yoga® is an adaptation of David Berceli’s TRE program based on Nature’s built in method for releasing traumatic tension and muscle contraction caused by environmental stress and memorable complications in life.

Let Go Yoga is a gentle yet profound practice that focuses on elongating and relaxing the psoas muscle while releasing physical and emotional stress. Participants induce therapeutic vibrations through yoga postures, breathwork, and sound, typically beginning in the legs and spreading throughout the body during a session.


Cost for Let Go Somatic Release Training

11 hr module     YACEP 11 hour accredited online or in-person    $900.

Contact Linda at Linda@Linda-Go.com to schedule your live online or in person training.

Send Payment of $900 USD to register: 

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