Threshold Soul Doula Training


When we step onto the shamanic path of intentional Sacred Passages work,

All of the Universe and Nature conspire to help us so we can in turn help

our brothers and sisters.

“One of the greatest callings for myself was working with Linda.

So grateful for the wealth of knowledge she gifted to me.”–Emma Madeline


As a Shamanic practitioner and death doula, I knew the best way to serve my community was to offer an alternative approach to end of life education. So, I created Threshold, a shamanic-based certified training for soul doulas— those who wish to evolve their life now, before the end of material life.  I share my life and death experiences as a dreamtime soul guide, doula and End-of-Life [EOL] mediator through ancient nature based “Dying to Live” practices.  My Soul Doula Training Program offers a rare opportunity to experience my personal weaving of Western with Eastern care for the soul methods; time honored practices that have been used by rishis, shamans and wisdom keepers for thousands of years. This weave of wisdom delivers a dynamic, practical mystic approach with self-practices for living an authentic life before and eventually through the dying process into our next life. I help prepare the way for transitioning souls and have served as a EOL care provider since 1994 with my own signature conscious living meditations, yogic-based somatic release methods and lucid dream journeys which I will share with you during our time together.

2024    33 hour Certification Program Cost $2700 


Online Sacred Passages EOL Doula Program for 2024

The 33 hr training program is divided up into three 11 hour modules:

  • Module 1    Let Go Somatic Release Methods   $900
  • In this module you will learn somatic practices using breath, sound and physical movement to release tensions due to trauma and mental constructs. Meditations and creative visualizations also will be covered.
  • Module 2    Shamanic Death Doula Journey Practices  $900
  • In this module you will experience shamanic journeying to lower, upper world for allies and guides; Middle world for all our EOL transition and psychopomp work, learn mapping techniques for traveling in and out safely, soul recovery, ancestral clearing and ancient Tibetan Phowa practices
  • Module 3     Client Care Intakes and Practices   $900
  • In this module you learn how to have EOL conversations with clients, friends and families…introducing meditations, visualizations and EOL practices from my other 2 modules.


Cost for Threshold Soul Doula Certificate Program

$900 per 11 hour module 

$2700 USD for all 3 modules in Soul Doula Training Program. Payment Methods: 

E-pay $900 to register for first module.


Private online classes are customized to meet your scheduling needs and time zone.

​Private In-person classes are available for local residents and Study and Stay* SP EOL Doula participants.

Cost of Sacred Passages Soul Doula Certificate Program is $900 per module USD.   

*In-Person Study and Stay at Kamala Cove in Marshall, NC additional cost per night.

​Training includes online and/or in person classes.  Private Zoom online classes are customized to fit out of state & international students schedule needs so day and time to be determined before registration. Online Groups limited to 11 students so if you are Called to create a Death Doula training group, read on…..Learning and practicing with a community of friends and peers is fun and rewarding.  IF you are motivated in shepherding a local death doula training group to study with me, please email me and I will share the details and benefits.

Online Zoom classes consist of part lecture, discussion and guided practices. There is suggested and required homework, learning videos, audio files and educational reading material links. Manual is available during your program.

Upon 33 hr Program completion, a 30 hr practicum is required for gaining experience and credibility. For Soul Doulas considering a professional path in End of Life care they will receive a 63 hr program completion certificate.

10-20-30 hr practicum is required for YACEP accredited continuing education units applied under Yoga for EOL Care or Let Go Yoga Somatic Release Method but optional for those who want to take this program for personal growth and advancement. Those who are called to personal growth and not as a profession will receive a 33 hr program completion certificate. 

I offer a personal in-depth way  to learn and practice shamanic elements relating to ‘making all things ready’ that will enrich your own life as well as your current role as healer and wellness provider with the spiritual tools of death doula shaman and afterlife transition guide. I share my life and death experiences and practices which will encourage you to grow and deepen your current healing practices for Soul transitioning and / or develop a complimentary area of healing for your life work.

Threshold Soul Doula Certification is designed for Psychopomps, thanatologists, healers, midwives, EOL caregivers, hospice workers, nurses, doctors, therapists and students who know there is something more to this world then the material life. The practices I offer will change your life forever.

Please email me to state your intentions to become a Threshold Soul Doula or for any additional questions you may have. Once your letter of intention is read, I will personally set up a ZOOM meeting with you.


What is an EOL Soul Doula? 

What is an End of Life? Death and Soul Doula? What’s the difference?  EOL doulas are caring individuals who mediate between the dying client with their loved ones, medical staff and hospice. Many Western EOL doulas are hospiced trained with some attending bedside in all capacities so no one dies alone. 

Threshold Soul Doulas have a singular difference on a path less traveled: the capacity, shamanic training and experience to guide a person’s soul into a better life scenario now while still alive and well! Sharing practices which will enhance lives before the end to prepare for beyond this world transition to our next life.

As an initiated shaman in living and death practices, rites and ritual, dream yoga and sound healing, I found the Western method of EOL training lacking in what I experienced and truly feel are essential ingredients for living life well in preparation for our inevitable Transition from this life to the next. If you feel you are called to experience a path less traveled, then join me.

Taking all that I have learned from hospice and personal Shared and Near Death Experiences,  I wove the current western approach to EOL with my shaman experiences to create Threshold Soul Doula Training.  It’s focus being: educating and sharing simple, effective creative visual and somatic practices to re-member our life free from pain and suffering; releasing material conditioning and trauma that bind us and create dis-ease. Having practices for a conscious death transition in place before we die brings life and death into balance, prepares us for many sacred passages throughout this lifetime, our eventual transition into the next, especially when we have the practices in how to navigate the “In Between” worlds or Bardos.

As a Shamanic Soul Doula practitioner, I share shamanic-inspired exercises  with you so through your own experiences and continued practice will know first hand how to guide your community through many death and transition scenarios.

Through my own personal Shared and NDE’s, shamanic work and journeys, I have become acquainted with and have verified many of the places where our spirit may end up; the in between places of here and now. Through extensive shamanic training I have experienced how to navigate from this world through portals to places of ultimate departure. Journaling and mapping out these in between places have provided shamans throughout the centuries with invaluable help and information from their transition spirit guides and teachers.  You will learn these mapping techniques in my Threshold Soul Doula training.

This is a unique certification program for those who are called to an alternative approach to EOL care with practices rich in dream work, creative visualization meditations, trauma and grief somatic release methods and sound healing practices cultivated throughout lifetimes. Threshold Soul Doula Certification is designed for midwives, EOL caregivers, hospice workers, nurses, doctors, therapists and students who want to learn how to die while living a beautiful life.

​Threshold Soul Doula Certified Training is 33-60 hour program and begins when you feel called to do The Work and are ready to commit to this heart path of serving humanity as a guide through the sacred stages in this lifetime to next.

I would love to hear from you if this is your heart calling!

Please email me your interest at or



“I had the pleasure of working with Linda,  and feel a real sense of honour and extremely lucky because, what I was gifted through this training was more than I ever thought possible!   I went on an incredible journey with this beautiful soul called Linda Go, and now feel loving and gentle, ready to support and hold others on their individual EOL journeys, one of the greatest calling for myself. Linda is a wealth of knowledge and a gift that was gifted to me.”

Emma Madeleine, UK

End of life and fertility doula

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