Healing Services


Sounds of the Chakras Therapy

Chakra healing with practices.

Sounds of the Chakras is a voice – based chakra healing method developed by Linda Go in 2000. Using listening, breath and natural pitched shamanic sounds, chakra energy system is attuned and harmonized for balance and freeing up pathways to deliver optimum energy flow throughout body-mind and spirit. Live or Online. Train with Linda and become a YACEP certified Sound Restorative Facilitator. Go to this page.


1 hr | $125 Private sessions Online and In Person–Group sessions available in person only. Call to book a group session in your area. 1-828-776-3786

Voice Coach

Voice coaching, shamanic sonics, performance vocals, voice over vocals.

Linda Go is a professional vocalist with 30 years of experience as a professional musician and vocalist with 25+ plus years as a voice coach. She is a sound shaman and guides those who “hear otherworld and inner music and language” to put their gifts to practical use for self healing and other creative pursuits. Classes are customised for those who are looking for an experienced and trusted “sound shaman” to further help develop non-ordinary abilities.

1 hr | $95

Let GO Trauma Release Method

Trauma release, grief counseling, forgiveness practices and somatic therapy.

Linda Go is an accredited continuing education instructor for Yoga Alliance. Linda’s Let Go Yoga – Trauma Release Method was developed to make trauma and grief release a yogic practice that could be used effectively and efficiently by everyone. In a Trauma and grief release session, you will learn how to breathe, move and sound to release held tensions that trap held emotions and trauma that weigh down the mind and body with negative consequences in our life.

Let Go Yoga is a gentle release practice that sounds and tremors out these recorded “episodes” in our lives so you can experience a sense of peace, lightness and a renewed sense of authentic connection with the world and yourself.

1 hr | $125  Call for appt 828-776-3786

10 hour module at $850.  Call to register. 828-776-3786

Private sessions. Accredited training for yoga instructors and practitioners: available here.


Sacred Passages Death Doula

Soul Transition, End of Life Doula, Shamanic Services, Grief Coach and Recovery, Dream Yoga.

Facing the end of life on earth plane can be challenging and frightening for most people, whether it is your own life or someone in your care. Linda Go is an experienced death doula shaman who has personal as well as ancient Vedic practices for preparing the living as well as guiding the dis-embodied to “cross over” from their current existence into the next. Sacred Passages EOL end of life sessions are one-on-one or for small study groups ready to learn how to prepare their way for an effortless soul exit through mindful and practical practices.


Interested in

Train with Linda and become a certified death doula: Go to this page.

1 hr | $125/private session.

Plant Spirit Medicine

A 5 Element Practice for Wholeness & Well Being.

Plant Spirit Medicine – align and balance your body mind and soul with gentle non-invasive healing method that is shamanic approach using natures helpers for health and well being.

1 hr | $95



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